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thursday, april 14, 2011
earth day prints

due to a tremendously heartwarming demand for copies of the sacramento earth day 2008 image, a limited edition of prints will soon be available, signed by the artist and all that fancy oh-la-la.

all proceeds benefit sacramento earthday. get art, do good.



04/09/2012 - Kingy Shanahan

Is this print available for purchase? What size is available? Thanks, Kingy Shanahan

04/22/2011 - Carol

Love it. Using it on our FB page with acknowledgment and contribution. Let me know when print is available.

04/22/2011 - Maribeth

I want to purchase this. It is stunning! It is my FB profile pic for today. Thank you and happy earth day!

04/19/2011 - Anne Vasilisin

I would love a purchase a copy of this. Please keep me posted. Thanks. This is beautiful.

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